A detailed, carefully thought out marketing strategy is a must when it comes to making your business successful. To ensure that you are working consistently towards the promotion of your brand, you must lay out your marketing campaign for several months, preferably a whole year ahead. One easy but effective way to make your campaigns more successful and increase awareness of your brand, is to use promotional products. Promotional products are an incredibly powerful marketing tool since they allow a brand to connect with customers in a physical way, which can create a more memorable brand experience.

You may be unsure about how you can put promotional products to good use in your marketing campaign. This article will address the Hows, Whats, Whens, Wheres and Whys of promotional marketing.

Who is your target audience?

Before incorporating promotional products such as promotional pens, mugs, calendars and clothing into your marketing campaign, an important question that you need to address is ‘who is your target audience?’. When choosing your branded merchandise, think of the type of person that you would like to attract. This way you can customise your marketing campaign so that it’s more relevant to the specific demographic you want to target.

The selection of products must be done with your target audience in mind at all times as this increases the possibility of your promotional products being given maximum exposure, and for a longer duration of time. The longer the target audience are in possession of your promotional products, the more they will be exposed to your brand and the longer they will be exposing others to your brand, thus creating a firm impression in the minds of your audience.

One crucial feature of your target audience which it’s important to take into account, is their age group. For instance, if you have found through research that your target audience primarily consists of young adults, it will be very important to choose promotional products that appeal to this age group, such as wireless phone chargers and portable speakers.

The key here is to understand what appeals to your audience and give them what they will most want and what they will make best use of. If health and fitness enthusiasts make up the majority of your target audience, promotional sports bottles, branded pedometers and other such fitness related accessories would make ideal promotional products.

What are your objectives with respect to your marketing strategy?

In order for a marketing campaign to be successful, you must have clear, identifiable goals. Whether you are trying to build brand awareness, promote a new or existing product line or bring in new customers, it always helps to know what you are working towards if you want your campaign to be successful. Whatever your goals are, you must keep them in mind when you are designing your promotional products.

For instance, if the goal of your marketing campaign is to bring in more leads for the business, your promotional products must advertise the key aspect of your business that you know potential new clients will be most drawn to, such as an attractive promotional offer or discount for new customers to induce them to contact you right away. An effective way to encourage your potential clients to get in touch with your company is to include a call to action on your products.

When do you intend to launch your marketing campaign?

The time you are planning to implement your marketing strategy is another important factor that must be considered when tailoring your promotional products to your business’ needs. The reason why the timing of your campaign is important is because it gives you the opportunity to make use of seasonal products that will complement your company and your products or services.

If you are planning on implementing your strategy in the summer season, you can choose promotional products such as printed can coolers, frisbees, custom caps or even branded beach towels. On the other hand, if winter is when you are going to launch your campaign, you can consider using promotional products such as thermal travel mugs, branded hand warmers and promotional advent or new year calendars.

In this way, your clients will find your marketing giveaways extremely useful. It also comes with the added advantage that your clients will perceive you as a brand which is constantly reinventing itself and its marketing strategy.

Where will you place your promotional products?

The placement of your promotional products is another important consideration for your marketing plan. Which product you go for will certainly depend on where it will be positioned and how it will be presented to your customers.

For instance, if sending mail is a part of your campaign, the promotional products you use for marketing your brand should be light in weight and small in size so that they can be packaged and distributed easily. Promotional fridge magnets, branded pens or other such lightweight products would be an ideal choice for this kind of promotional strategy.

On the other hand, if you are planning to market your product at an event or fair, you are likely to achieve more success going for unique and attention grabbing products that are desirable and interesting enough to pull an audience towards your stand and engage them with your brand. Promotional products are no longer limited to just caps and mugs. These days, anything from lip balms, to flip flops, to wireless mouses and yoga mats can be used as promotional tools. If you can touch it and it has a printable surface, then it can most likely be turned into a promotional product. And the more unique it is, the more attention you’ll grab.

Why are you making use of promotional products?

Promotional products are often viewed as an added effort to enhance the appeal of your marketing campaign. But they are capable of achieving a lot more. Whether the goal of your marketing campaign is to generate more website traffic, more walk-ins in your store, more phone leads or any other objective, promotional products should be chosen in a way that they can help you achieve your marketing strategy’s goal.

If you feel that your promotional product does not fall in line with your company and what it does, the possibility is quite high that your customers may feel the same way. For instance, a branded conference binder will certainly not work as a promotional product if your company manufactures beauty related products.

It’s important to keep in mind that your products represent your brand and speak volumes about the kind of company you are and the kind of company you want to be.  To use promotional products with maximum success, your promotional products must be perfectly aligned with your business and your target audience must be able to identify the promotional product as being uniquely associated with your company.

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