There is nothing glamorous about selling door to door. It’s a very difficult and taxing job. It’s very safe to say that it’s not a job that is made for everybody. Young men and women from all over the United States decide to pursue this as a summer job to be able to support themselves during College. Others decide to do it for a living. Either way, there are some valuable things that you can learn selling pest control.

Learning to Sell

Knocking on doors and trying to sell something isn’t easy. The consumer didn’t likely wake up that morning thinking they would like to see less bugs around their home. You have to help someone that this is something they would like to purchase even though they may not have been planning on doing so previously.

Being able to sell something is a valuable skillset. There are several very high-paying careers for people who can be persuasive. There are few aspects of business that don’t require you to be selling something. In job interviews, you are essentially selling your value to your potential employer. Working with clients or customers you often have to show the value of your product and/or service.

Selling is a skill that can set you apart from others easily.

Responding to Objections

There are times that you can land a sell without a single objection. However, these lay-down sales are few and far between. Often people will say they are too busy to listen to your pitch or simply not interested. To close those sells you will need to spark their interest quickly so that they will be willing to give you the time of day. This is not easy but being able to quickly and concisely catch someone’s interest is valuable.

You will also run into people who would rather do the work themselves, maybe their lawn company already sprays for bugs or they are concerned about chemicals. You will have to know and understand your product and/or service well enough to help them understand the competitive advantage you hold.

Goal Setting

At the beginning of your summer you should set a personal goal for how many accounts you’d like to sell. Having this goal in mind can help you stay focused. This is an important thing to learn in your career but also for your personal life.


Those summer months can be hot and grueling. Dealing with rejection can often be very difficult for people. Developing the ability to cope with rejection and have the ability to shake off bad experiences quickly will not only help you on the steps but in life as well.

If you’re considering taking a pest control or other summer sales job you should take it. Know beforehand that it’s not easy but there can be great rewards if you’re willing to put in the time and effort. Best of luck!

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