With these online jobs you are able to travel all over the world! All you need is a stable internet connection. Just imagine travelling to your favorite countries without having to get back home for work. You work can just be wherever you are. Does that sounds like somehing you would do? If you are looking for this opportunity but don’t know where to find such jobs, we are helping you out. Just look at the list below. These jobs are the most popular among people who have only remote jobs.

  1. Freelance writer

As a freelance writer, you can also get started as a digital nomad. You can write articles for different blogs and get a fee for this. The fees for an article are (depending on your own experience) quickly between 50 and 100 dollars. So if your aim is to write an average of 2 articles per day, you can build up a good pocket money!

  1. Affiliate marketing

Affiliate marketing is very similar to blogging. You write an article about a product and make people read it by, for example, appearing at the top of google or promoting it trough social media. When people buy this product you receive a percentage of the turnover as agreed in advance. Forms of affiliate marketing are for example video, newsletter marketing or blogging.

  1. Web developer

This is probably the oldest profession that digital nomads have ever started. Do you know how to code or do you want to learn? Then you can definitely get started as a web devoloper. The demand for web developers is enormous. So are you interested in website development? Then this is probably the best option for you.

  1. Virtual assistent

Get started as an assistant, but at a distance. Are you organizational good and do you like to help others? Then this is the option for you. The advantage of a remote virtual assistant is that you can work for several people at the same time, because all your communication goes online. There are enough people who are looking for a virtual assistant.

  1. Graphic designer

ABesides direct assignments for companies, there are also enough websites where companies place assignments that graphic designers can respond to. The possibilities for a graphic designer are endless. So are you a star in video editing, designing flyers or maybe creating logos? Then this is the option for you.

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