PRINCE2 vs. PMP- You are pretty conscious that the power or worth of certification programs has fabulously enhanced in the current times particularly in the IT industry. Maybe, many students desiring to work for the IT sector do get confused concerning the apt selection of the course. In fact, when you hunt on the internet, you would come across many certifications. Accordingly, it is essential to have a huge knowledge of these courses and then select one which is apt for your profession. The following article focuses on two most essential project management certifications; PMP vs   Prince2. But you should be familiarising with their variations so that the decision to select one becomes easier in the end.

If you have to contrast Project Management Professional and Prince2 in a summary, the fundamental variations lie in their procedures and proposals to complete any project. Both have their advantages and disadvantages and so the option should be made pretty wisely. A large amount relies on the fame of the company and the sort of project you are linked with. However, both are equal with regard to worth and can assist in taking your profession forward. Now let us make a relative study between Project Management Professional and Prince2 build on the following frameworks.

Industry requires an area supplies: We are aware that both PMP and Prince2 Project Management Certification have profited the fame entire the world stadium but there are specific countries where one is liked over the other. If one discusses about PMP is provided as the right of way in the United States and other American countries. Alternatively, Prince2 is more famous in UK, Australia and other countries of the European continent.

Higher Rewards: PMP or Prince2: Any candidate, who signs up for a professional course or a certification, does so with an aim to get a higher pay. Actually, this is frequently considered as one of the important factors for selecting a certificate course. Now, if one has to contrast PMP and Prince2 because of better salary vision, then PMP excel the Prince2 certification.

Examination fees: Now it’s time to contrast the exam fee which you require to pledge for looking in it. The pmp exam fee is various for members and non-members. The non-members require paying certain amount while members pay a fixed amount. So, if you desire to become a member of PMI then the membership fee is around $100. Alternatively, the price of the Prince2 may be non-identical. It hugely relies on the test center you are selecting for appearing in the exam. For the Foundation level, you require depositing a gross amount and for the professional level, it is certainly a fixed amount.

So, the option is yours when it comes to selecting a certification program in between PMP and Prince2. Both have good professional potential and will assistance in shaping your bright future. Maybe, the selection should be made only after thinking about all the serious factors.

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