Technology is creating ease in every aspect of human life it provides multiple opportunities to human being from its start. The way of technology changing the way of business these days we can say that in future we can see all operations completely taken over by artificial intelligence and involvement of human beings get minimum.

The most significant change which we see in today’s business market due to technology advancement is online shopping. When it all started people don’t think that it could make a place in the market and people will buy online in the future. There are a lot of reasons because of which people think it will not work.

When it all started in the past by Amazon the technology is not get so advanced that you can access it from anywhere as we see today. Then the security reasons which are associated with online shopping always create problems to make its impact on people mind. But the people who are associated with it make it happened through continuous advancement in technology and by making strong business policies.

Why people buy online these days:

The reason why people did not buy online in the past mention above and why people buy now it had its own reasons. If we compare the lifestyle of the present generation with the old one we see a lot of difference. This generation is busier professionally then the old one so they do not have time to spend on shopping. So what they do they go online and buy products for themselves which save their time. Along with that, the security problems which are associated with online shopping is eliminated by businessmen. So now it is as safe as you are shopping by visiting a shop. They will provide the same quality products which you select online.

Sell Products on Amazon:

As I told you the growing factors of online shopping Amazon expert say if you want to grow rapidly in your business come and sell on Amazon. Because Amazon is the largest online shopping website these days. The reason why they are the best is their continuous advancement policy. They always came up solutions for that problem which seller or buyer are facing on it.

So now they are providing the best services to their clients either they are the buyer on Amazon or seller. To make thing perfect they made some rule and regulation which will be followed by both party’s seller and buyer. The process for the buyer is not so strict but for the seller, it is the only reason behind that to give good quality products to their customers. So how you can sell products on Amazon.

There are three steps which you have to follow before registering as a seller which are as follows.

Decide what you want to sell

There are 20 categories are offered for the seller for every seller and 10 are offered to professional sellers. So before get registered to decide what you want to sell.

Selling Plan:

Amazon provides you two selling plans one for professional and other one is for individual selling. In the professional plan, you will pay a monthly fee which is 39.99 dollar to Amazon and sell an unlimited product or pay 0.99 dollars on each product to Amazon in the second plan.

Registered as the seller:       

Once you registered as a seller you have an account through which you can manage your product portfolio and start listing products.


After getting registered on Amazon you can be registered on the product on Amazon market catalog at a time if you are individual plan holder otherwise you can list multiple products.


Once you start selling your product the payment will deposit in your bank account which you have given while creating the account.


Amazon notifies you about order placement you can handle shipping own your own or Amazon provide you services of shipping as well.

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